How to Write a Poem Using Newspaper Clippings - Markings 131

May 6, 2019



Newspaper Poetry



Here is another starter activity that can lead to the writing of individual poems.


It might sometimes be hard to always come up with original words and ideas for a poem.


To help ease this struggle this is a way of obtaining words quite quickly to assemble into a poem.


Clippings from a newspaper or magazines can often lead to startling and quite coherent poem.


Special Materials:


Newspapers, magazines, scissors, glue and paper.




1. You are going to write poetry in a special way. You may use your own thoughts, but the words will actually come from the newspaper and magazine clippings.


2. The content of the poem will quickly establish itself – all you need is a title or first line to begin. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the articles, but might be generated by them.


3. Either paste your poem as you go or assemble the poem on the page after you have finished cutting the clippings out.


4. After the poems are finished, we will share them with one another.


©Jeff Guess 2019



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