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How to Write a Poem Starting with only Five Words - Markings 129

Words into Poems

Follow your heart and imagination, what will you create?

Circle five words from the list below and include them in a poem.

Here are a few words to get you started.

dance music earth tiger farm buckle

trees monkey peace love whisper falcon

plucks amaze cook regrets urge blast

smile sadness hands listen caress splendour

sing animal asleep purrs sour earth

magic dreams boat snake leaf blaze

Here's an example:


the fertile

trees from

where you

and I

whisper into

the secret

place and

smile. The

old mill

now half-

covered with

moss had

that joyful

eeriness to

it that made

us wonder.


what the


used to


Eric Kallman

16 years old

©Jeff Guess 2019


Writing Poetry

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