How to Write a Poem out of 'Silence' - Markings 142

May 9, 2019

 The first in a series of writing poetry as a way of healing.


Heart, who will you cry out to?

Giving silence words


* Choose one of the following.

* Spend a few minutes quietly reflecting upon it.

* What are some of the thoughts, memories, ideas that you experience?

* Write a poem that takes your thinking to another level or stage: as words on a page.


Poetry gives you permission to feel. – James Autry


Poetry came before language, for it was the poetic spirit in man that made language. – Hazrat Inayat Khan


It’s better for the heart to break than not to break.  - Mary Oliver


If we were to examine our diseases poetically, we might find a wealth of imagery that could speak to the way we live out lives. – Thomas Moore


Listening creates holy silence. Listening is like the rain. – Rachel Naomi Remen


I think what we lack isn’t science but poetry that reveals what the heart is ready to recognize. – Joseph Campbell


We must learn to see the world anew. – Albert Einstein


Poetry is available to all of us and it can save the dreamer in us all. – Erica Jong


To write poetry is to be alive. – Rainer


©Jeff Guess 2019




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