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Selected Poems:

Melaleuca Morning

Couch Grass Fire


 Come see the light break come watch the sun
 Here on this new day Christmas begun
 Start from the dark branch crown of a king
 Flowers of purple blossom and cling.

    Melaleuca morning mantle
    Cascades from the heat and night
    Bears upon its royal holly
    Birth of peace and love and light.

 Out of the old wood twisted and hard
 Song of December silent unheard
 Bursts like a promise onto the stem
 Amidst the sharp leaves new life begun.

    Melaleuca morning sunrise
    From the years of drought and storm
    From the hours of heat and darkness
    The lord of love and life is born.

 Sun splash in forest from land and scrub
 Parkland and city backstreets and drab
 Late in the season flame from the earth
 Trees that are bearing signs of his birth.

    Melaleuca morning matins
    Magpies carol from the lawn
    all created earth is singing
    the child of hope and light is born.


She forks huge streaming pieces of the sky
onto the ragged flag of orange flame.

The tall dark-tented woman
tossing a hundred stick and shadow-shapes

between the wild olive
and along the old stone hill-house wall.

Blue smoke curling in long coils of sharp
and hooking wire - warm and old;

gathering back the ends of all the summers here.
March misting into smoky autumn afternoons.

The long collection of ordinary unknown lives
rolling back from this old street and corner-lane.

An old woman tending a couch fire - and the blue
barbed smoke catching at the eyes for tears.

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