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The Pardalotes have come back to my garden!

I have not seen a pardalote in Gawler for probably three decades. Then, they were a popular and regular visitor to my garden. The threats to pardalotes and in fact many of our native birds are - Climate Change. Climate change is one of the most publicised conservation issues of our time. Coastal Development. Disturbance of Breeding Birds. Environmental Flows. Fire & Burning Regimes. Habitat Clearance & Fragmentation. Invasive Species. Nesting Hollows.

Today a striated pardalote perched on my rose trellis outside my lounge room window. At first I thought it was a sparrow but the distinctive yellow/gold markings above the eyes were unmistakable.

It was simply a great, deep and wonderful Joy!

Welcome back you small, beautiful and enticing bird!

Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus)


The Striated Pardalote is a small bird (90-115mm) that shows considerable variation in plumage across its range. All birds have white eyebrows with a yellow spot in front of the eye, olive-grey backs and a white stripe in the wing with a red or yellow coloured spot at the front. The black crown may have or lack fine white stripes. Males and females are similar in plumage and young birds are notably paler on the crown and face.


Striated Pardalotes are widespread and can be found in most habitats with trees or shrubs, but favour eucalypt forests and woodlands and gardens.


Striated Pardalotes frequently feed in the high foliage of eucalypt trees, although occasionally come close to the ground where there are low shrubs. They eat a wide variety of insects and their larvae. Feeding often takes place in small groups.


Striated Pardalotes form pairs or small groups of up to six birds between June and January. The nest is constructed close to the ground in a tree hollow or a tunnel excavated in an earthen bank. Three to five lustrous, white eggs are laid. Both sexes incubate and care for the young birds. Other members of the group may help with the feeding of the young.

©Jeff Guess 2018

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