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How to Write a Poem by Expressing a Feeling in Colour - Markings 126

Some poets have in the past tried to express a connection between

colours and the feelings we have. For example, we often hear people

talk of being ‘purple with rage’ or ‘green with envy’, and these are

commonplace ideas. In this poem you are asked to be more adventurous

and original in connecting colours to moods and feelings.

Write down the name of a colour in the middle of a sheet of paper.

All round the outside of the name note down any feelings, moods or

images that you associate with that colour.

Now, using a very simple stanza structure, write the name of the colour

at the beginning of each line and follow it with your own interpretation

of that colour:

Red — the shepherd’s sky streams across autumn evenings

Red — my fear of blood and the razor-cuts of life

Red — seen by some as angry, by me as warm and comforting...

Work in this way until you have six lines to the stanza, then go on to do the same with another colour. Revise your work until you have a poem - it may only be a few lines with which you are satisfied.

©Jeff Guess 2019


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