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Record-breaking heatwave continues to hit Australia with temperatures hitting 120F (49.5C) in the south - the hottest since 1939 Adelaide recorded 118F (47.7C) heat on Thursday, easily beating the January 1939 record of 115F (46.1C) North of the city a high of 120F (49.5C) was recorded although temperatures are expected to drop on Friday Australians have headed to the beach to cool off in the water while others have taken to shopping centres ©Jeff Guess 2019

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Josephine Bruce Stay perfect rose growing out of the twilight intense upon the redolent air I think of you now hanging in dark pendulous blooms always at the fringes of memory an unforgettable crimson perfume an intoxication with velvet deep petal-red with softness flesh brushing thorns entrusting every sense with ecstasy. Jeff Guess 45 Stone Street, Blair Athol, South Australia, 5084. (circa 1958) ©Jeff Guess 2019

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Mary Oliver Fans Remember Her Life And Work After Her Death At 83 (17 1 19) The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet died from lymphoma. Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver died at age 83 on Thursday, and her fans are coming out in droves on social media to remember her life’s work. Oliver, an Ohio native, died from lymphoma after penning more than 15 poetry and essay collections that covered topics like nature, mortality, sorrow and the plight of existence. She won the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for American Primitive, the National Book Award in 1993 for New and Selected Poems, and received the Lannan Literary Award for lifetime achievement in 1998. Her most recent works include 2016′s Upstream: Sel

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'Well Directed' Bol, Youksy, Champy, Seyha, Nern, Pov. I support and am a sponsor for my son David's foundation 'Well Directed'. All donations will be used for the construction of wells to provide clean water for Cambodian villages. In addition a new project is underway to send six Cambodian village girls to school Directly Fund Projects You choose the project that you want to fund and every dollar you donate goes directly to that project. We provide as much information as we can about each project including the location of the village with GPS co-ordinates, details about the village and how the project will improve their lives. Local Partners We work with local

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