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'Well Directed'

Bol, Youksy, Champy, Seyha, Nern, Pov.

I support and am a sponsor for my son David's foundation 'Well Directed'. All donations will be used for the construction of wells to provide clean water for Cambodian villages. In addition a new project is underway to send six Cambodian village girls to school

Directly Fund Projects

You choose the project that you want to fund and every dollar you donate goes directly to that project.

We provide as much information as we can about each project including the location of the village with GPS co-ordinates, details about the village and how the project will improve their lives.

Local Partners

We work with local partners to implement all projects. The local partners we choose understand the region, have a history of completing projects and are able to provide extra benefits to the community, e.g. education.

If you're a local partner and are interested in working with us please get in touch.

See Results

We believe you should be able to see the results of your donations, so we provide photographs of all projects once complete and where possible updates on project progress.

We're 100% transparent about where every dollar donated goes and are committed to making all our financials public.

Please support 'Well Directed'

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