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How to Write a Poem if You were to Choose to be Something Else - Markings 120

If You Were?

Use the list below and the ideas you come up with to write a poem.

Complete the whole list and then choose just one to write a poem.

If you were a month of the year which one would it be?

day of the week



precious stone

condiment (salt, sugar, pepper, cloves, ginger, garlic, etc.)

bird (sparrow, seagull, owl, eagle, quail, magpie, etc.)

material (canvas, cotton, silk, leather, wool, polyester, etc.)

time of the day

flower (rose, daisy, carnation, tulip, violet, daffodil, etc.)

room in a house




mood (happy, melancholy, angry, depressed, ecstatic, etc.)

drink (milk, wine, juice, water, Coke, coffee, etc.)

a thing in nature (wind, rain, sunset, cloud, waterfall, storm, etc.)

©Jeff Guess 2019


Writing Poetry

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