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How to Write a Poem from a Doddle or an Ink Blot - Marking 122

Doodle & Ink Blot Poems

Most people can doodle. By this I mean draw abstract shapes and symbols on a piece of paper. If you let your mind think of something else while you are doodling then the doodles come straight from your subconscious mind. Each one of these by itself may not be anything startling but if reduced on a photocopier and stuck side by side on a piece of card the result is a piece of abstract modern art which will give you hours of amusement.

Because these doodles were inspired from your subconscious the symbolism has meaning for you. By meditating on one part of the pattern by staring at it, you can possibly decode the meaning of the symbols.

Everyone can be creative and in fact everyone is creative. There are times when you like what you create and times when you dislike what you create but you are still creating.

Another idea is to make ink blots and to use them as a nucleus upon which you can draw, paint etc. to make an art form which is totally unique. They are unique because no two ink blots are ever exactly the same. The method of making ink blots is simple.

1. Make a fold in a piece of paper.

2. On one side of the fold, or on the fold apply a little liquid ink.

3. Close the paper at the fold and open again. (You can leave closed until

dry for a different texture).

4. Allow to dry.

5. Meditate on the blot and attempt to see what it represents to you.

6. Augment the blot with drawing, painting etc. until it clearly represents what you saw in the blot.

This can be a wonderful recreation for both adults and children. If you photocopy the blot before augmenting it then many people can use the

same blot and you will be amazed to find how many different interpretations can be seen in the same blot.

©Jeff Guess 2019


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