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How to Write a Poem Using the Weather as Your Subject or Theme - Markings 124

Writing the Weather

Write a weather poem about a weather-related topic. e.g. Rainbows, Snowflakes, Clouds, Ice, Cyclones, etc. To start, tear up seven strips of paper. On individual strips, answer the following seven questions.

What does it look like?

What does it sound like?

What would it smell like?

What would it taste like?

How does it feel?

How does it make you feel?

What is it?

Answers can be a word, phrase or a sentence.

Imagine what the weather component could smell like, taste like, etc.

Arrange the strips into an order that appeals to them.

This is an example of a weather poem.

Coloured mist

Silent in the air

The smell of fresh rain

Sweeter than fairy floss

The feel of sea spray

It makes me smile for a week



©Jeff Guess 2019


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