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How to Write a Poem Using a Word Hoard - Markings 127

Word Hoard

We use words to make sense of our lives — to make friends, to express

our thoughts and feelings, to convince other people about our ideas and

opinions — and yet we take the words themselves totally for granted.

You cannot imagine, for example, anyone digging a hole in order to

hide a hoard of words to keep them safe from an invading army. Yet

supposing we really started to take words seriously — seriously enough

to collect together those we valued most. What words would your hoard


The two boxes below have been built to contain word-hoards. One has

already been filled with a favourite selection of words, the other has

been left open for you to fill with your own collected word-hoard. If you

need more room, use a larger sheet of paper.

Use the words in the word-hoard as a basis for writing a poem. You can

add any words that you think you need. You might find it helpful to

scan through a dictionary or a thesaurus.

©Jeff Guess 2019


Writing Poetry

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