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How to Write a Poem Concerning Relationships - Markings 145

The fourth in a series of writing poetry as a way of healing.

Poetry and Relationships

Fill in the following. You may need to think about them carefully first.

If I wrote and sent a poem to someone, that person or persons would be:


My favourite poem I’d give as a gift to a spouse, family member, lover or friend is:


The favourite poems or poets of my spouse, family members, lover or friend are:


If I wrote a poem to help heal a particular relationship it would be for my relationship with:


The issue in that relationship I would most like to write about is:


©Jeff Guess 2019


Writing Poetry

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Please consider my ‘Writing Poetry’ course. Eight units that cover every aspect of writing poetry with an anthology of exemplars and examples. In addition, a whole host of writing activities and assignments. It is a stimulating and absorbing course and will takes you from the basics to proficiency. Suitable for senior school students, adults and undergraduates.

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