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Poems for Advent 18

JGuess ‘22

Mary's Plea

I have no shadow of a doubt he is my son

but now I make no further claims for him

before when he swam

and kicked below my heart I said a lot of things

dreamt for his future as all mothers have

now as he struggles screams

sucks at my swollen breast

questions about a visitation stars and signs

I will go over with you later

recall them on another day in different light

not to dispute but balance and put right

but now please

clear this place of all of these that crawl and kneel

and fondle him

leave me in peace

thank them for coming

tell them I know they will not be disappointed

and do not misinterpret tears I am tired beyond sleep

and want to be alone

with him whom you

have called so many things

tonight this night

from all your claims and counter claims

behold the child


Jeff Guess


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