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Markings 123

'The Beehive Corner'

Corner of King William Road and Rundle Mall


South Australia

The Beehive Corner

a sonnet

She stands in a long tradition here

of waiting: and lovers late. With small caught

rain on dark magenta shoes. Behind her

back and under glass - rows of chocolate

cannot tempt her from a vigil of thought

and expectation. The shape of one:

drawn from the anonymous crush of feet,

into a palpable presence - that brings

together the ends of every meeting;

sad or otherwise. Where only two count

time with promises. This corner that in

aspect has so much to recommend it.

After her dark magenta shoes were gone-

before she left, the wind and rain came on.

Jeff Guess

from 'Selected Sonnets' 1991 page 44 (A&R)

©Jeff Guess 2018

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